My Flying Adventure in the Middle East & Europe

12 April 2002 - On my last day at work before leaving on my adventure of a lifetime, I left my whereabouts for the next two weeks on my office whiteboard.

Friday, 3 May 2002 - The pages that follow will provide a glimpse, through images and text, of the places I visited. I took about 500 digital images over a two week period, many not worth posting; but some are definitely worth sharing.

The highly modified Mooney M20F, N221HP, is owned by my friend Jean Pierre. JP is Swiss but has spent much time in the US. He and his wife, Donita, flew the airplane from Singapore to Dubai over the period of about six weeks. They spent a lot of time in Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India and Oman. Donita needed to return to Switzerland so I had the opportunity to join JP for the last part of the trip, Dubai to Lausanne, Switzerland.

I made an attempt to keep up with the Web pages during the trip; but I was so busy most of the time that it was impossible to do so. I had expected to have a good internet connection most of the time, I was wrong about that. I never had an internet connection at all.

It's good to be home; but I sure had a BLAST!

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